Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates

Prenatal Pilates - Tuesday 12:45pm

Pilates is a safe way to exercise during your second and third trimesters of pregnancy.  Please obtain clearance from your GP.

By strengthening the core abdominal muscles and pelvic floor Pilates prepares pregnancythe body for a smooth birth and gives you the body awareness as you enter the post natal period.

Postnatal Pilates – Tuesdays 1.45pm

Retrain your abdominal muscles to help support your spine and pelvis. GP sign off required once you have had your 6 week post natal check (later with a c section). Babies are welcome to watch! Don't worry if your baby wants to exercise their vocal cords in class, all mums experience the same!

Postnatal benefits

Retrain your abdominal muscles to help support your spine and pelvis and recover your pre - baby shape.  Correct any postural problems following the natural changes in your body during pregnancy.  Strengthen your upper body enabling you to lift your growing baby, avoiding back problems.


My Journey to Pilates as a new Mum.

It is amazing where the paths of motherhood have taken me; one of them leading me to Pilates.

I started Pilates after having my daughter. Although it wasn't directly linked to post natal exercise the reason that I started Pilates, indirectly it was!

Following the strains put upon my body during pregnancy and child-birth and not doing the correct post natal exercises I suffered terribly with lower back pain, pelvic pain and neck and shoulder pain. With what looked like a future of pain relieve management ahead of me my consultant recommended Pilates and I've never looked back.

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